White Sneakers

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If you follow street style at fashion week, you know that one of the most enduring favorites of the fashion set is the white sneaker. It’s far more comfortable than heels and complementary to virtually any look. (Read More) Certain ones can develop a cultiness of their own too. What constitutes a “stylish” sneaker will surely depend on your individual style. But, by and large, the options on this list are easy to wear with many different outfits, comfortable enough to commute in, and won’t give you flaming hot blisters whenever you have to walk longer than a mile.

A fresh white pair of sneakers goes with any outfit and, for that reason alone, is a must-have in everyone's footwear rotation. Whether you're the type of person to wear one pair of sneakers until it's time to buy another or a collector with many styles and colors already, you can never go wrong with white. Instead of going through the trouble of matching your shoes with your outfit, a fresh white pair will provide you with effortless style. (Read Less)