Puma Suede

Who doesn't love this Puma shoe character? Debuting in 1968, Puma suede's popularity never gone swallowed by time and always accompany your steps from time to time. (Read More) Since the first time of the debut, these shoes are used by any generation, from teenagers to adults, and even child. The classic appearance that these shoes provide can be combined with variety of everyday's style.

This silhouette matches with dresses to make your look more edgy but still gives the spark of feminism for women. For men, you can combine your suede shoes with jeans, chino, short pants, or linen pants. Suede gives a high impression for eyes, although you have to give more attention on care details. Suede has softer texture compared to ordinary leather material, and is more prone to get damage. So, the cleaning maintenance and accuracy in these shoes are important. Suede shoes attempt to always be dry, so you would have a durable Puma suede on every steps you take. (Read Less)