Batik Dress

The variety of Indonesian local pattern batik outfit is now growing fastly. Not only the model, the manufacturing technique has been growing sophisticatedly. Back in the days when we only knew batik shirt was only worn by men during formal events, (Read More) but days are gone so far, fashion has thrived freely. And now batik has also been used oftenly by both men and women, and those who wear it are not just from old generation, but also teenagers and children all now can wear batik clothes. Women's clothing exists in variety of models and beautiful choices of design, and as well as batik clothes. We can easily find batik dress from now on.

Dress is an outer garments be made in one piece, and usually applicable for both general and formal wear. This type of batik women's clothing is quite giving women a glimpse of girly feeling, and can be the choice to go to work or other events. As example your simple dress to go to the office, traveling with family on weekends, going to a wedding day. Using batik dress you can absolutely upgrade your appearance. Your appearance will automatically look very chic yet nationalist, that suits you best.

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