• innitbangkok Para Top - Moonstone
  • innitbangkok Para Top - Moonstone
  • innitbangkok Para Top - Moonstone
  • innitbangkok Para Top - Moonstone
  • innitbangkok Para Top - Moonstone
  • innitbangkok Para Top - Moonstone
  • ukuran

    Bust: 35 cm (laid flat), stretches up to 50 cm
    Waist: 40 cm (laid flat), stretches up to 55cm
    Length: 55 cm

    As all pieces are created by hand, kindly allow 1-2cm difference

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    Material: 100% Polyester Blend


    Care Instructions

    Dark colours – wash it at least two times before wearing as dyes may bleed onto lighter clothing and transfer colour to bags

    Hand-wash in room temperature water. To maintain the shape of the pleats, wash garment in water with light powder soap. Do not use fabric softener or baby detergent. Lay flat to dry or use inner ribbons to hang dry indoors, away from direct sunlight. If needed, do steam iron lightly and vertically. Avoid stretching pleats when steam ironing. Do not dry clean. Do not wash in washing machine. Do not use bleach or anything that contains bleach. Do not flat iron or steam.

    Gather in the direction of the pleat when storing or folding. For curl hem pieces, make use of the ribbon loops attached on the sides of the piece to hang on the hanger. Do not place any heavy items on the piece when storing.

    Length of straight hem pieces (not applicable to curl hem pieces) can be adjusted by using fabric scissors. No hemming required after cutting. With excess plastic wire found at the end of the curl hem, do not pull but gently slide the fabric to cover it and the extras can be cut away

  • Our Para top is a one way blouse with our signature curls in our parallel. Item styled here with plate belt, pleat sash and black velvet sash sold separately. Available as a maxi dress as well.
    innitbangkok was birthed from the concept of what embodies the modern everyday woman. Every woman has a different body type and style, innitbangkok emphasises on producing efficient and versatile pieces for every woman - creating timeless outfits for any occasion while keeping innit's distinct and romantic style. Focusing on workmanship and quality, every piece from innitbangkok is crafted in-house to create the best possible version of innitbangkok designs for you.

    • Estimasi pengiriman :
      Jakarta: 1-3 Hari Kerja, Luar Jakarta: 2-6 Hari Kerja. Untuk pengiriman ke luar Indonesia, pembeli akan dikenakan pajak bea masuk.

    • Pengiriman :
      Gratis biaya pengiriman ke seluruh Indonesia berlaku untuk seluruh pembelian.

    • Kebijakan Penukaran/Pengembalian :
      Item ini dapat ditukar atau dikembalikan.

      Item ini memenuhi syarat untuk dikembalikan atau ditukar dalam waktu 5 hari setelah pelanggan menerima item (hanya berlaku untuk item Non-Sale). Lihat FAQ Untuk Detil. Penukaran dapat dilakukan dengan harga dan varian yang sama sesuai dengan pesanan awal selama stok masih ada. Biaya kirim untuk pengembalian dan penukaran item ditanggung oleh customer.

      Kami akan menolak barang yang dikembalikan jika terdapat kerusakan pada produk dan ataupun pengemasan.
      Catatan: Saat pengembalian barang, harap menggunakan pengemasan yang layak. Mohon hubungi Customer Service kami untuk info lebih lanjut.