• Heroclip Heroclip Carabiner Medium Shade of Grey
  • Heroclip Heroclip Carabiner Medium Shade of Grey
  • Heroclip Heroclip Carabiner Medium Shade of Grey
  • Heroclip Heroclip Carabiner Medium Shade of Grey
  • Heroclip Heroclip Carabiner Medium Shade of Grey
  • Heroclip Heroclip Carabiner Medium Shade of Grey
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    Our flagship size and bestseller, Medium supports up to 60 lbs. Heroclip Medium gear clip lets you hook and hang big backpacks from trees, duffle bags from fences, buckets from ladders, and carry-ons from bathroom stalls. This versatile gear clip hangs securely, rotates 360°, and folds compactly in ways other carabiners, clips and hooks can't, helping you keep your gear organized and exactly where you want it, no matter the activity. The clip also features a wider clip gate compared to standard carabiners and hooks, and a hook with a grippy rubber tip for hanging things from flat surfaces.


    Strong: Sturdy gear clip supports and secures up to 60 lbs.

    360° Rotation: Fully rotating hook keeps gear accessible.

    Pivoting Joints: Hang your stuff from most nooks & crannies.

    Compact: Foldable hook nests on gear clip until needed.

    Holds up to 60 lbs

    Dimensions: 3" wide, 3.75" high (closed)

    7.25" tall when expanded

    Weight: 2 oz

    Material: Solid aircraft grade machine-cut aluminum with anodized finish, composite, steel

    This product is not for climbing.

    It is designed to free your hands so you can do more in your life. It rotates 360 degrees, folds at two joints for maximum versatility and has a rubber tip for grip. When not in use, the hook folds securely on to the clip.

  • About The Brand

    Training to Summit Mount Rainier while wrangling two small children, Mina Yoo felt like she was constantly juggling 100 different things. This constant need for an extra helping hand is where Heroclip was born. Driven by a love for exploring, Mina wanted a tool that could serve a purpose for all her activities, not just one. The result was a tool that makes it easier to do all the things we already do every day. Heroclip weighs practically nothing, hooks on practically anything and makes up to 100lbs of gear easily accessible at any time.

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