• ENVE Black Freya Heels
  • ENVE Black Freya Heels
  • ENVE Black Freya Heels
  • ENVE Black Freya Heels

    IDR 1,170,000

  • Black Freya Heels from Enve is crafted from leather with strap detail, an ankle strap and buckle closure.

  • ukuran

    • True to size.
    • Heel height of 9 cm.

    Sizing Measurement:

    • 36:length 23 cm - 23.5 cm 
    • 37:length 23.5 cm - 24 cm 
    • 38: length 24 cm - 24.5 cm 
    • 39 length 24.5 cm - 25 cm 
    • 40 length 25 cm - 25.5 cm


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    General Care
    • Leather can strecth and will follow your foot shape.
    • The more often you wear your leather shoes, the more it will become flexible and comfortable.
    • Every so often, give your favorite pair of shoes the day off. This allows them to air out, which dries out the moisture so the leather lasts longer.
    • Protect against excessive sunlight, dryness, and heat.
    • Sunshine can cause damage as it will fade and dry out leather, so keep your shoes immediately after usage in a room temperature storage.
    • Dryness will cause leather to crack and heat will dry out the leather causing further damage, so keep your shoes moist by doing a regular cleaning and humidify if climate is dry.
    • In case of emergency spilled chemicals, clean it up immediately using a clean lukewarm water only and a clean sheet.

    Removing Spots and Stains
    • Blot excess liquid as quickly as possible with a 100% clean white cotton absorbent cloth or sponge.
    • If necessary, use clean lukewarm water only and let dry naturally.

    • Do store your shoes away from excessive sunlight and heat.
    • DO NOT store your shoes in shoe boxes for long periods of time. Prolonged storage can cause certain footwear materials to deteriorate, particularly in humid climates.
    • For shoes you wear less frequently, you can use a cedar shoetree to help absorb moisture and maintain their shape.

    • Estimasi pengiriman :
      Jakarta: 1-3 Hari Kerja, Luar Jakarta: 2-6 Hari Kerja.

    • Pengiriman :
      Pengiriman gratis berlaku untuk pembelian diatas IDR 500,000.

    • Kebijakan Penukaran/Pengembalian :
      Item ini dapat ditukar atau dikembalikan.

      Item ini memenuhi syarat untuk dikembalikan atau ditukar dalam waktu 7 hari setelah pelanggan menerima item (hanya berlaku untuk item Non-Sale). Lihat FAQ Untuk Detil. Penukaran dapat dilakukan dengan harga dan varian yang sama sesuai dengan pesanan awal selama stok masih ada. Biaya kirim untuk pengembalian dan penukaran item ditanggung oleh customer.