women's Comme des Garçons Espadrilles

Comme des Garçons is a Japanese based clothing line formed by Rei Kawakubo in the year of 1969. The name Comme des Garçons itself was taken from a French word that means “like a boy”. (Read More) Since 2004, Comme des Garçons continues to expand its brand by adding fresh collections such as Comme des Garçons Play, Shirt, Noir, and many more. Collections from Comme des Garçons include t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, wallets, perfumes, and plenty others. One of Comme des Garçons’ apparel series considered to be globally popular is Comme des Garçons Play. This particular collection has its signature two-eyed heart logo. The assortment considered to be the most exclusive streetwear brand that succeeded in approaching their specific target market, which is the young generation. Until now, Comme des Garçons becomes one of the most favored clothing lines among the streetwear enthusiasts around the world. (Read Less)