Kin + Ally

Founded in 2019 and launched in 2021, Kin + Ally is a sustainable activewear company that seeks to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment
by recycling it into high quality and durable activewear clothing. Our clothes are made of 79% recycled plastic! Along with being environmentally friendly,
Kin + Ally is also ethically minded by only working with factories and companies that pay their workers a living wage (Read More) and ensure safe working conditions. Everything from the recycling process to sewing the final stitches on the activewear pieces have been considered with the utmost care and consideration towards doing better for our planet and the people in it, all without compromising on quality.

Kin + Ally intends to inspire and advocate for having an active lifestyle with an eco-conscious mindset. We think that doing healthy things for our body goes hand in hand with doing healthy things for our environment. We also strive to both learn with and educate the community on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle while
still being able to enjoy life’s many pleasures, such as getting new clothes that make you feel good about your body. It is possible to create new things without destroying the few resources we have left on this earth, and we hope to help show the way for how rewarding it can really be to be more mindful about our impact on the planet. (Read Less)