I.AM.GIA has succeeded in stealing everyone’s attentions for its existence as the most-talked-about brand by Instagram as a social media. Anna Pallister, the mastermind behind the fashion brand, (Read More) lays out the concept of I.AM.GIA, where the label aims to shape an individual that can inspire and provide extra confidence for its customers. Gia is illustrated as a strong, independent, and extraordinary character, who is able to dominate the world hence that is the message that the line would like to exhibit through its products.

Launched in 2017, Gia has succeeded in becoming a stunning fashion trendsetter in the hearts of world-known celebrities, such as Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski, and many more. I.AM.GIA’s main strategy is seem to be brilliant as they have succeeded in utilizing social media to promote and introduce the label to the world. (Read Less)