Fenty Puma By Rihanna

Superstar and Bad Gal, Rihanna, other than acknowledged for her music, she is also known as a fashion icon. In 2015, the “Work” singer launched her collaboration with Puma called Fenty Puma by Rihanna. (Read More) She was appointed as the German-based athletic brand ambassador for her inherent and exceptional sense of style, which is perfect to bring out the avant-garde side of Puma. Rihanna uses the brand as a vessel to pour out her talent in producing streetwear pieces for women. The collection released is much more than just appropriated prints and “girl version” of existing street apparels for men, but rather showcase fierce and independent approach with energetic, playful, and edgy pieces such as lace-up trackpants, mesh sport bras, zip-up maxi dresses, and punk-rock inspired boots that combine sensuality and sport. Elevate your street look with Fenty Puma by Rihanna that guaranteed will make you fearlessly bold and effortlessly fashionable. (Read Less)

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