Barton Perreira

Eyewear veterans Billy Barton and Patty Perreira decided to join forces and start their eponymous eyewear line known as Barton Perreira in 2007. Since the brand launched, the LA America-based (Read More) brand’s momentum has never faded but rather retained to all luxury-lovers’ hearts making Barton Perreira an independent name that is capable to compete in international scale. The label offers eyewear skillful and creative designs and sense of elegance that are 100% hand-made in Japan as the designers believe that they have relentless faithfulness to craft and obsessive-compulsive desire to make the style and cuts perfect.

The pieces they create are all inspired by the visionaries in art, architecture, music, and jewelries that remain true to their art form. Hence, Barton Perreira’s designs are refreshingly sleek and modern, without neglecting classic shapes. And just like exquisite jewelries, the designers focus on quality and design. Barton Perreira keeps using premium materials to make high-style collections that are adored by the fashion elite. (Read Less)