Très Bien

Low-key menswear retailer, Très Bien, is mastermind by duo Simon and Hannes Hogeman, along with their childhood friends Björn Lindén and Jakob Törnberg. The brand was founded in 2006 (Read More) with the idea of creating, designing and delivering ready-to-wear collections. Established in Sweden, since then the fashion brand has been offering high fashion fused with streetwear apparels along with other lines, projects, and a curated selection from other designers. Très Bien’s approach is defined by the juxtaposition of high-fashion sensibilities, where they use custom made fabrics, clean lines, and quality garments combined with street elements such as daring graphics and an overall more laid-back, loose look. By presenting the '70s vibe and giving personal touched to its pieces, Très Bien has succeeded in affecting others to stay creative and inspired. (Read Less)

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