The Jacks Candles

South-Korean brand, The Jacks, is masterminded by two creative individuals, who each work as the 3D artist and the sculptor. The young Korean designers focus on making lifestyle essentials (Read More) and decorations with exclusive authenticity and a touch of unique approach, such as bunny ear shaped candle wax with rabbit faced holder. The label aims to bring distinctive pieces that are able to provide extraordinary values to everyday life through items like melting brain candle wax that drops on the skull holder as human tears. The idea behind the creation of the waxes and the candle holders is to be terrifying and thrilling yet charming enough to give pleasant feelings. By continuously crafting adorable yet sophisticated collection, The Jacks thrive to hold themselves with strict standards of quality and craftsmanship, which result in distinctive qualities that resonates with the customers. (Read Less)

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