Roen is a Japan-based fashion label initiated by Hiromu Takahara in 2001. The brand is considered as one of the biggest force in Japanese street fashion through out-of-this-world designed collections. (Read More) The word “Roen” means “Indian fire”, which represents a signal of a significant moment. Roen believes that there is neither a beginning nor an end, but rather a “now”, where people should cherish the moment more and set an Indian fire on everything related to the moment. The brand aims to become a source of possibilities by providing a large range of apparels and accessories options for those who love to add extra edge and unusual spin to everyday looks. By using skull as the brand’s signature logo, miscellaneous animal patterns, underground view of the world, and the theme of rock ’n roll, Roen has succeeded in stealing everyone’s attention through the dark and avant-garde world it creates. (Read Less)

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