NONA9ON was launched in September 2014 as a fashion brand that has successfully collaborated with YG Entertainment as well as Samsung Everland. The partnership between (Read More) these two companies are run under Natural Nine, which then become NONA9ON, that emphasizes variation and unlimited potential to always develop. The brand focuses on creating products for the young generations that carry streetwear style with a slight touch of hip hop. Most of the pieces produced by the label are made unisex, which make them flexible to be used by men and even women, starting from jackets, t-shirts, to snapbacks with ‘9’, its signature logo, embellished on the hats.

Currently, NONA9ON has succeeded in collaborating with several celebrities, such as Lisa BLACKPINK, through its collection called ‘Brightest Star in The Night Sky’. NONA9ON’s stores are available in various countries including Italy, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. (Read Less)

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