All the work of art that Marcelo Burlon ever did began to become an event organizer until a model in Italy. The man born in Patagonia is very fond of everything related to art especially streetwear. (Read More) He was inspired from his place of origin, historical symbols in Argentina called Mapuches. He is also inspired from the culture of nightspots in the 90s to the natural beauty of South America. One of his favorite designs is that has a wing design because according to him, represents himself a free and a nomad.

Until now, Marcelo Burlon is still the streetwear suit sought. He has collaborated with Lebron James, Tyga, and Drake. Marcelo Burlon acknowledged that the way he talked through the design he created was different from the average person, but he believed that it was what made his brand successful. He feels that because he makes the whole design with love and honesty. (Read Less)