After successfully creating COMMON SENSE (CMSS), in 2014, Shawn Yue founded another independent label called MADNESS (MDNS). Known as a prominent figure among the streetwear community, (Read More) the designer aims to make the clothing brand as his fundamental platform to exhibit his personal fashion and lifestyle preferences. Through MADNESS, Shawn desires to disperse his belief in that “MADNESS BREEDS MADNESS”, which means that everyone has their own madness and they should use it wisely. This so-called “insane” instinct is able to develop fresh and better fashion style. The line’s collections feature minimalist approach with impeccable details and excellent fabrics to provide individuals of corners of the world with the best, most functional items they could find. Seen as one of the leading brands adored by street culture enthusiast, MADNESS has been involved in plenty of collaborations with Vans, New Balance, A Bathing Ape, and many more. (Read Less)