Streetwear style is on the horizon and without F.A.M.T, your casual look will seem outdated. The French line specializes in designing statement pieces that feature bold and brief proclamations formed in minimalistic fonts (Read More) that give whimsical touch to street fashion. F.A.M.T, which is short for “Fuck Art, Make Tees,” believes that simplicity does not mean less, but rather a powerful and adequate approach to be apprehended. This main idea is exhibited through its collections that include a range of t-shirts, oversized hoodies, caps, and bags finished in both vibrant and pastel hues, with its signature short phrases placed on the middle every apparel. By continuously getting inspirations from internet trends and online culture, F.A.M.T has succeeded in differentiating itself from the rest and become streetwear enthusiast’s most picked brand. (Read Less)