Common Projects

Common Projects is an American-Italian shoe company initiated in 2004 by footwear designers Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami. Their minimalist and contemporary shoes make (Read More) Common Projects become the destination for those who look for stylish and sleek sneakers. The line grew from their “Achilles” collection, low-top leather sneakers with monochromatic hues, to other variety of styles such as suede sneakers, slip-on styles, and ankle boots, which fit to accompany laid-back appearances to formal looks. Common Projects combines Italian craftsmanship with sophisticated, innovative designs to produce concise pieces of trainers. The collections have touched the feet of various Hollywood stars including Frank Ocean, Nick Jonas, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more. So, feel like a VIP wherever you are by strolling around with a pair of shoes by Common Projects that add an instant hit to perfectly compliment your every look. (Read Less)