Champion Reverse Weave

Champion exists as a sportswear brand that was founded by the Feinbloom brothers in 1919. At the time, the line manufactured high quality and affordable training products. (Read More) In 1934, Champion decided to expand its label by launching Champion Reverse Weave, which idea came from the American athlete coaches in the 1940s to provide ease when washing their uniforms without having the risk of damaging them. To avoid shrinkage of the attires, the fiber fleece is overturned to transverse direction, which inspires the name Reverse Weave. Today, the brand that is known for its signature red and blue ā€˜Cā€™ logo, is highly wanted and popular among the streetwear enthusiasts. All of its collections, whether it be the sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even the sweatpants, have casual approach with athletic and rebel appeals that definitely put a spin on daily laid-back looks. The label believeDs that they have a great number of competitors, but there is only one Champion. (Read Less)