Champion JP

Champion was founded by two brothers, Ape & William F. Bloom, in 1919. The label’s functional and durable designs make Champion as an International name admired by athletes, troopers, (Read More) and streetwear enthusiasts. Its excellent reputation and exposure make it possible for the athletic line to be extended and divided into different brands, where one of them is Champion JP. Champion JP is a line under Champion that offers pieces specifically made to adjust with Japanese fashion and lifestyle. Following the styling trend in Japan, which seems to latch onto nostalgic American influences, Champion JP has always boasted a certain retro collegiate aesthetic. Resembling its mother brand, Champion JP also produce high-quality staples perfect for daily essentials, such as jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, and shorts. Seeing this, Champion Japan continues to preserve its title as “The King of Sweatshirts” by consistently staying true to the history of the brand while productively pushing the name into new territory. (Read Less)