men's Lacoste Socks

Lacoste is one of French based brands that is known internationally since 1933, which was formed by Rene Lacoste, a French tennis player. Lacoste’s signature logo, (Read More) the crocodile, was inspired by Rene’s nickname given by his fans, ‘The Alligator’, from how he played against his opponents in many championships. The iconic product from Lacoste is its polo shirt embellished with its logo placed on the left side of the chest. As the time goes by, Lacoste’s products also vary. Other than the polo shirt, Lacoste also produces shoes, glasses, and perfumes. In 2010, Lacoste launched Lacoste Live! that is targeted for the young generation, who are active and vibrant. Today, Lacoste continues as a most-wanted and well-known line across the globe. (Read Less)