House of Jealouxy

House of Jealouxy was built by Andi Yulianti, who is the creative director of the brand, in 2009. The vision carried by the label is to craft accessories that are different to other labels without having (Read More) to use expensive materials so customers are able to enjoy House of Jealouxy’s without having to reach deep into their pockets. House of Jealouxy delivers accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, body jewelries, as well as earrings with stand out and unique designs, which make the products perfect to embellish appearances. By continuously creating innovations, the label then creates wedding headpieces that aim to fulfill their clients’ wishes on their joyful day, supported by thorough and hand-made designs.

House of Jealouxy has cooperated with plenty of celebrities, designers, and are featured in various cover albums as well as fashion shows, which make the label gain a great recognition by Indonesia’s fashion industry. (Read Less)

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