Fragment Design x Moro Tadashi

In 2003, Hiroshi Fujiwara established Fragment Design, one of the legendary streetwear brands. After gaining a tremendous success, Fragment Design decided to work together with Tadashi Moro, a renowned manga artist (Read More) that has contributed to Shonen Manga, Shonen Gaho, and Taikai, where his works have played an integral part in introducing the culture surrounding Japanese anime to the entire world. Together, Fragment Design and Tadashi Moro released a series of graphic tees, where Moro’s signature style is depicted on the pieces. The concept of the clothing line surrounds on Adam and Eve as manga illustrations, while a statement that reads “Creator has a Master plan” is also included. Through the special collection, Fragment Design and Tadashi Moro are appraised by streetwear communities and, for quite sometime, become the most conversed collaboration in 2017. (Read Less)

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