For the new edition of Bobobobo top 10, we present you the ever so talented Indonesian indie rock band, Polka Wars. We got up close and personal with the band, which led us to discover more about their eclectic styles and hobbies.

What's more, we had them to pick their top products to don, dine, and explore on Bobobobo. See below to see their selections.

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When asked about the band member's iconic style, Polka Wars' guitarist, Billy Saleh describes his as "future homeless bohemian". While the rest channels smart, trendy and casual vibe.

Choosing spots and restaurants to dine is never an issue for the Polka Wars, "we're so very flexible and agreeable in deciding a restaurant - from somewhat modern and a tad upscale eatery such as H Gourmet & Vibes, to a humble warung soto in Tower Jasmine - we cop them all, so long as we're together.

In traveling, fellow band member, Giovanni Rahmadeva, has a hobby like no other. He explains, "my definition of a perfect holiday features meditating with monks in a tranquil and undisturbed setting."

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