In celebration of Pacific Place 8th anniversary, Bobobobo presents special artworks inspired by the number "8" that combines the works of eight (8) of Indonesia’s emerging artists. Bobobobo’s own creative team also presents a special artwork as a joyous ode for Pacific Place’s anniversary.

These exceptional artworks then adorn the limited edition cushions, specially created to honor PACIFIC Privilege members for their infinite loyalty and support. By shopping at Pacific Place with minimum purchase of Rp 2,000,000, PACIFIC Privilege Blue and Gold Members can stand the chance to collect one out of the eight cushions during “The Great Sale: Pacific Place 8th Anniversary Celebration” until 27th November 2015.

View their intriguing artworks above and don’t miss the exhibition at Pacific Place Ground Floor area held from 22 November - 13 December.

Adi Putra (Photographer)
The Jakarta born photographer/filmmaker, who know lives and works in Los Angeles, is recently working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. His stylistic imagery is often subdued, ethereal, and nostalgic. His photographic expressions are an attempt to create a realm that exists in the imagination and reality simultaneously. Putra plays upon pure sentiment deriving from his own intuition and obsession in materializing what was once only a fleeting vision in one’s mind.

Annisa Aprianinda (Illustrator of Heimlo)
Heimlo is an illustration and graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They believe in working through collaboration with clients can deliver fresh perspective and unique design solution. With its distinctive illustration and bright colors, Heimlo presents design solutions and unique products that also bring up Indonesian culture.

Hilarius Jason (Photographer)
Indonesia based visual artist Hilarius Jason Pratana straddlers the line between art and photography. Born and raised in Indonesia, he attended The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, majoring in Communication Design until he decided to quit his tenure and returned home to focus on his photography work. Paintings and sounds are some of the prevalent subject throughout his work. A general sense of playfulness combined with heavy emotions exists thoroughly throughout. New sequences are constantly being explored which then reveal the relationship between motion, sound, object as a whole.

Jatidiri Ono (Graphic Designer)
Born in Jakarta, but mostly raised in the eastern parts of Indonesia, Jatidiri Ono had been accustomed to the nomadic life since he was a child. Paintings, video games, and comics had enriched his childhood, which led him to study Visual Communication Design. He is currently working as a graphic designer and photographer, and his works are mostly influenced by Asian culture and design. To bring his sanity back, he always uses his annual leave effectively to travel. Because he thinks life is too short to stay just in one place.

Nindita Kirana (Illustrator)
Majoring Visual Communication Design on her first degree in Bina Nusantara University, Nindita Kirana found Hipgnosis and Push Pin Graphic as the rhythm bibles that move her to create illustration and painting as relief of her thoughts. Combining the masculine and feminine issues to her artworks, she finds it comfortable to interpret all these present diversities into form.

Ruth Marbun (Illustrator of Bollu)
Human connection is what intrigues Ruth Marbun the most. It never fails to amaze her on how differently people are yet there is always a problem that everyone can relate to. Her artwork is rich in color with a fond love for textures, nature, and figurative drawing. She likes her art to be spontaneous and heartwarming, to bond stronger over emotion rather than technique.

Santy Wai (Illustrator)
Santy Wai Zakaria was born in 1981 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She grew up in North Sumatera, surrounded by a mix of Chinese and Batak cultures, before she moved back to Jakarta to pursue her college education in Communication Design. After graduation, she worked as an art director for various foreign companies in the retail and commercial sector. Today, Wai lives on the island of Bali with her nice little family: her Balinese husband and their cute rowdy pug, and she paints (a lot).

Ykha Amelz (Illustrator)
Yfana Khadija Amelz grew up in Jakarta, attend college in Bandung, fell in love with the city, decided to stay in Bandung, exploring art by illustrating, and also being a musician. She has been drawing since she can draw fuzzy string and put eyes on it. Ykha prefers to draw with pencil and paper because of the texture, but more than that, she highly prefers to draw wholeheartedly. And for her, creating lines and figures is a great way to channel her overwhelming feeling to something beautifully, productively, positive.

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