We are stoked to now carry the capsule collection by Three Buns x Neighborhood. The collection consists of a short sleeve shirt and shorts with a resort-fitting aloha print, along with two co-branded t-shirts, a lightweight jacket, and an apron, all donning the restaurant's insignia and have the tropical feel of South East Asia.

As for the exclusive menu, Neighborhood's love for Mexican flavors were transformed into one gourmet burger, accompanied with an array of crafted cocktail. All of which can be tasted by buying the dining voucher right here on Bobobobo.

Three buns is a culturally lead, creative space with a restaurant, offering gourmet burgers and crafted cocktails. Three Buns also acts as a hub for supporting and building our local creative community, whilst working closely with like-minded international talent from the fields of Art, Music, and Fashion.

With two sites currently operating in Jakarta and Singapore, an established plans for Bali, Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong will follow suit.

In 1994, Shinsuke Takizawa was involved in motorcycles and the surrounding counter culture when he started the brand in Harajuku, Tokyo.

The concept of "basic clothing created by digesting unique and interpretations of elements from motorcycles, military, outdoor, trad, etc, and also suggesting this lifestyle" is the base for all products and projects which Neighbohood is involved with, and always lives in the themes for the seasons.

Currently, NEIGHBORHOOD CO. LTD runs two flagship stores in Tokyo, NEIGHBORHOOD Harajuku and NEIGHBORHOOD Shibuya in addition to shop-in-shop NEIGHBORHOODstores in Hanky Men's department stores in Yurakucho (Tokyo) and Umeda (Osaka). With more upcoming projects on the way.

“My main style is actually street wear. I feel my most comfortable self in comfortable and practical clothes. When I’m off duty, you will see me mostly in T-shirts, but I will layer it with jackets or shirts to add an extra style. Since I have to bring a lot of stuff while working, I’d prefer a bag where I could fit all of my stuff, including my gym essentials. But I wouldn’t mind to dress up and experiment with formal style once in a while,” explained Reza about his personal style. But thankfully, Reza is not always preoccupied.

Whenever he finds time off, he’ll always make time to travel. “I love visiting secluded places, where I can unwind and take time off for a while. Like most people, one of my favorite places is the beach. I’d love to dive into the sea as much as I can. But I also enjoy visiting cities that are famous for their cultural history and sites. I believe that one of the ways to fall in love with a certain place is by getting to know their culture,” shared Reza when asked about how much he loves to travel.

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