In this edition of Bobobobo top 10, we bring you the talented Indonesian singer Kunto Aji. We cozy up with the singer, to discover more of his take on style and what’s on his wish list. We even had him tell us the perfect songs for the rainy season.

Not only that, we also had the pleasure of him curating the top 10 product of his choice in fashion, dining, and travel. Scroll below to see his selections.

As we got up close and personal with Kunto Aji, we discover that his profession and persona effects his style that he defines as “Casual Edgy”. The singer who included glasses and watch in his daily essentials also shared with us of how he seeks comfort in simple turtle necks and his favourite wool poncho when in rainy days.

When it comes to hangout places, Kunto Aji likes to stay in cozy coffee shop around Jakarta Selatan to fit in his busy schedule. And he also gushed about his wish to travel to Japan.

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