Euphoria Project is a platform where culture, fashion, art, lifestyle and business are mixed together. The brand's DNA interspersed into several traits - which are bold, urban, modern, iconic and simple.

Started off back in February 2014, it has been held for three times, with the fourth one happening on 9th to 13th September 2015 at Central Park for the Tribeca Over Pop Up section.

Euphoria Projects actively collaborate with new talents and constantly supported by Maika Collective for visual display and Apps House for IT. Musical talents involved include Dipha Barus, Sunset Room and for the latest event, with CremeMusik for the ambiance.

Date : 09 – 13th September 2015
Place : Tribeca Over Pop-Up, Central Park

What's On

- 60 tenants, consists of 33 apparel and fashion booth along with 27 F&B tenants from local and international scene.
- Visual Display by Maika Collective
- Music : Dipha Barus, Sunset Room and CremeMusik

Presenting 60 tenants, consists of 33 apparel and fashion booths along with 27 f&b tenants from local and international scene.

Fashion: The Watch Co, Daily Reds, Monstore, Hay United, Havehad, WXG, BNV, KZL, Herschel, Native Shoes, Portee Goods, Kont Watch, Apparel After Dark, Cloth Inc and more.

Food: Euphoric Juice, Dopenuts, The Fctry, Mommilk, Ichitori, Koultoura, Maison Tenichi, Ichitori, Mulan, Eggeats, Rorupan and more.

As founder of the Euphoria Project, and a lifestyle icon himself, Bobobobo team has asked Keenan to provide hand-picked selections from Bobobobo's Shop. Take a look at his picks of the products below, it ranges from Parka Jackets to Cultural Break at Cirebon.

When it comes to fashion, it is all about being comfortable. Fashion speaks for itself, as you represent your characteristic through dressing etiquette. I'm not that kind of guy who reads fashion magazine, so my references are coming from what I see on the street. What I see during my daily activities inspire me the most.

I don't wear loud colors, since overall fit is critical but being understated is even more important. Fitted white tee with jeans suit me well. I may define my style as casual yet classy, because I also wear formal attire once in a while for a special or formal occasion, sporting a fine white shirt and tailored pants is what I am mostly seen on wearing.

Traveling has been a constant thing in my life. I love to see something new and something different. Fresh ideas, and thoughtful insights mostly come during my traveling experience. Interaction with local people is what I find most inspiring during the trip. It stimulates you to dive deeper into your own mind, when you have to understand other people way of thinking while you're surrounded with breathtaking views and landscape.

Keena Pearce, Founder of Euphoria Project

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